Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu says Blizzard is "definitely interested" in telling more present day stories in the game's events, as the lore of the most recent ones has focused on the past.

In an ​interview with USA Today's Overwatch Wire, Chu said Blizzard plans to tell more stories closer to present day:

"Yeah we’re definitely interested in doing that," Chu said. "Obviously the last two events have focused more on the past. When we look at the ​Overwatch universe, we really look at the entire timeline from the Omnic crisis to the present day, and so we’ve been bouncing around with where our stories are."

​​Overwatch's last event before Anniversary was ​Retribution, which occurred eight years ago. Its predecessor, Uprising, detailed Tracer's first mission seven years ago. There hasn't been a lot that has happened moving forward in Overwatch's story, ​much to the chagrin of some fans

Some of the few things that have happened are ​Mei's awakening from cryostasis, Ana's return, and Widowmaker assassinating Mondatta, which dates back to Overwatch's initial release.

"Like I said earlier, we like to focus on the stories we think are the most interesting, excite us, and reveal something about a character," Chu said.

In the game's timeline, Overwatch has recently started to reform. Now that it has been two years in real time since that decision, it's high time that the characters move forward from that decision. Perhaps Overwatch could try and ​retrieve the gauntlet back from Doomfist as its first mission back together. 

There are honestly so many conflicts between the characters bubbling beneath the surface that Blizzard could tap into. Perhaps that will happen sooner rather than later.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard