​An Overwatch player caught a video of their kill cam, where an enemy Mei uses the traffic on Oasis to make the perfect ambush. Mei is considered an evil character for many because of her ability to freeze people, but this takes it to another level. 

The Mei player walks into the road and lines up for the car. As they jumped in the air, what would normally kill any character instead turned into speedy transport as they use Cryo-Freeze to surf on top of the car. As the car turned the corner, it propelled the frozen Mei directly in front of a Widowmaker trying to get to a health pack. The only needs to shoot a small burst of ice and the Widowmaker falls over, just as planned.

The timing of everything was just perfect, the clip couldn't have played out in a better way. From Mei's jump onto the car, the car throwing them in front of Widowmaker, or just how little damage it took to score the kill. 

Players have yet another reason to fear a skilled Mei player in ​Overwatch, and this is just one of many on the list.

​Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard