5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 8.11

League of Legends Patch 8.11 looks to top the previous patch in terms of significant changes. From the release of Pyke to the marksman overhaul, the following are the biggest changes players need to know before they log in to the server.

5. Lee Sin buff

Lee Sin has been all over the place in League of Legends, going from one of the most contested jungle picks to borderline unplayable with the removal of Tracker's Knife. Then he came back into the meta with a vengeance after Patch 8.10 because of the need for a strong early game jungler.

Now Riot Games is giving him additional power in the form of cooldown reduction on the second activation of all three of his basic abilities. He will also get more Energy back from his passive and it will scale better into the late game. Expect to see a lot more Lee in Patch 8.11.

4. Stormrazor

Stormrazor is going to make waves in the meta, mostly because champions like Graves and Jhin will get a huge buff from the item. Guaranteeing a critical strike, especially for Jhin with his bonus AD, will make him a powerhouse whenever he can auto attack. 

3. Taliyah Changes

Most notably Taliyah's Q, Threaded Volley, will now no longer deal AoE damage. This is a huge nerf to her wave push and makes playing her as a push and roam champion much more difficult.

To compensate for the massive nerf, Threaded Volley will only cost one mana when cast on Worked Ground and will have a lower cooldown at early levels. Seismic Shove will also have a cooldown of 12 seconds at all levels rather than scaling down to 12 seconds at max level.

2. Infinity Edge

Infinity Edge is the bread and butter for AD Carries, and it is getting a huge rework. It will not give critical strike chance on its own but will now double the critical strike chance from all other items.

That means that Infinity Edge will no longer be a first item option but will kick in later in the game as a scaling item. This should push back ADCs' power spikes and give other lanes a much needed boost in power. 

1. Pyke

Pyke is going to change the bot lane meta by himself. Based on PBE gameplay Pyke takes over games because of the reset mechanic on his ultimate. Think back to when Darius was first released and he could 1-v-5 because of his ultimate. Pyke won't have the damage on his own to pull that off but will still be a menace in team fights.

His release will also push many support players away from the heal/shield champions because they will be easy targets for the support assassin to pick on all game. This should ultimately lead to a more engage heavy playstyle. 

Photos courtesy of Riot Games