An Overwatch fan created a side by side comparison of various heroes in the game, and had their dad reenact some of the emotes.

There's an astounding amount of effort put on by the father, doing a total of 21 Overwatch heroes! Not only are there tons of emotes being replicated, props are included to bring it all together. Junkrat's Rip-Tire and Concussion Mine are brought to life with an actual tire with chains and a straw hat. Another hilarious prop is the golf club being used as Genji's Dragonblade. Even a weed wacker as Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer!

This is the second video that the user has posted of their dad reenacting some of the best emotes in Overwatch. It's a fun sightseeing families sharing the world of Overwatch together and having a good time.

Throughout the video, there's an adorable dog that appear in some of the shots. There was a huge missed opportunity here to recreate the Orisa Puppy emote to bring the video to maximum cuteness. The Puppy emote would be a must have if the they decide to do a third video. 

Cover photo and video courtesy of  Nick Luciano