​Offense and defense Overwatch heroes will be known simply as damage heroes going forward, as revealed Tuesday in an update to the game's Public Test Region.

"Since the line between Offense and Defense heroes has become increasingly blurred, we’ve decided to group all those heroes into a single new 'Damage' category," Blizzard wrote in the PTR patch notes. "We believe that the term more closely matches the role name used in Overwatch League and across most of our community."

The change in classification takes place on the same day ​as the long-awaited Symmetra rework also went live on the ​Overwatch PTR. It's especially interesting because Symmetra was changed to no longer be a support hero. Game director Jeff Kaplan said in April that Symmetra was supposed to become a defense hero, but that classification is now different with the damage classification.

Tuesday's PTR update also included some other general game updates, most notably that career profiles will no longer be public by default. An option to make career profiles visible has been added under Options -- Social -- Profile Visibility.

The PTR update Tuesday also included ​slight buffs to Doomfist.