​Blizzard added two new social features to Overwatch to the game's Public Test Region on Tuesday called Endorsements and Looking For Group.

Endorsements are ways for ​Overwatch players to commend either their teammates or the enemy team for different reasons. There are three endorsements that can be awarded: One for sportsmanship, one for being a good teammate, and one called the shot-caller. The latter two cannot be awarded to players on the enemy team.

The first two seem self-explanatory, and the shot-caller, as game director Jeff Kaplan put it in a developer's update, is for "the men and women who end up on our team who end up telling the rest of us what to do in a very positive and respectful type of way."

Endorsements are readily available on players' career profiles, so players can easily tell the type of players with which they're playing.

"Those who consistently maintain a high endorsement level will receive periodic rewards, while those who display negative behavior or accrue suspensions will lose their endorsements," Blizzard wrote in the PTR patch notes.

The second feature, Looking For Group, allows players to craft their ideal gameplay experience by using specific parameters to create a team.

"Those who want to queue up for Quick Play, Play vs AI, or any competitive mode can set the types of roles others can play," Blizzard wrote. "These specifications will then be activated in-game (e.g. players who chose a Support role will be restricted to only using heroes in that category)."

The PTR update also included the ​long-awaited Symmetra rework​buffs to Doomfist and the reclassification of offense and defense heroes ​into a new "Damage" category.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard