Hammond's Escape From Horizon Lunar Colony Revealed in Overwatch PTR Update

Not only did Horizon Lunar Colony receive a fresh update aimed at making the gameplay experience more enjoyable, but the Overwatch map was also given fresh lore on Hammond.

Fans who played in Horizon Lunar Colony might remember seeing Winston's room on the map. Another room was added on the map on the Overwatch Public Test Server as the map underwent ​multiple changes. The room belongs to Hammond, a test subject that lived on Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston.

On the ground on Hammond's room is a blueprint for Specimen 28 -- also known as Winston -- and his escape pod. Fixed to the blueprint are a few post-its that show a smaller pod attached to the escape pod. A smaller post-it has a drawing of the moon and an arrow pointing at Earth, indicating Earth was the escape pod's destination. Toys near the blueprint recreate the proposed escape, further implying Hammond planned on leaving the base by fixing his own pod to Winston's.

Because Winston is well and alive on Earth in the game and its lore, Winston's departure from Horizon Lunar Colony was successful -- meaning Hammond must have landed on Earth, too. His whereabouts are still unknown, however.

Although Hammond is not an Overwatch hero, this lore update is significant. Keeping in mind that Blizzard previously ​updated text on the Lijiang Tower map, this might be the team's way of hinting at incoming Hammond or Winston lore. 

Symettra's rework went live on the PTR Tuesday, along with new endorsement systemnew hero roster screen, and Doomfist buffs.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard