​Blizzard has been hard at work reworking Symmetra's abilities, and her latest iteration is live on the Overwatch Public Test Realm. Players are now capable of throwing Sentry Turrets, creating  a massive Photon Barrier, and the Teleporter is now no longer an ultimate ability. One Overwatch fan created a hysterical skin for the Photon Barrier.

In the clip, they create their Photon Barrier, and it unravels into a massive portrait of Blizzard's iconic Jeff Kaplan, staring wistfully at the player as the Barrier deploys. The mountains behind Kaplan's face give him a massive beard and mustache combination, and he ends up looking like an old time Civil War general. 

​Symmetra's new Photon Barrier is designed to stretch across the entire map, being incredibly useful for closing off a chokepoint. Although the barriers in game don't come with any skins of pictures, Blizzard should at least make an exception for Jeff Kaplan. He's the face of the ​Overwatch Team, and players would love to feature him in their matches. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard