​The long awaited League of Legends Clash tournament mode was set to be released two weeks ago, but was delayed until further notice. On Wednesday, Riot Games provided some more insight onto the work being done to get Clash back in working order.

Even though most of the regions for ​League of Legends did not receive ​Clash, four have: Vietnam, ​Oceania, Korea, and Turkey.

The post goes on further saying, the initial launch of Clash in these regions has gone almost completely smooth, with the exception of Turkey. It looks as if Riot Games is attempting to slowly roll out Clash in batches, with the next regions being, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, and the Philippines. After the next set of regions receives Clash, the Western regions will be the ones to follow after.

Clash was a feature many players were looking forward too, but since the delay, there hasn't been an exact date on its return to many regions. Players still might have to wait a bit before the tournament mode will come to their specified region. 

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games