​The Made in Brazil brand is potentially making a comeback to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, and will be revealing a new lineup on June 23 at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

​​There will be two showmatches, pitting the new lineup against former MiBR members and against a team made up of five players determined by an online qualifier

MiBR was created in 2003 in Rio de Janeiro, when entrepreneur Paulo Velloso decided to invest in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team of his son. After a number of successes for the Brazilian scene, the MiBR brand decided to forgo sponsoring teams in 2012.

Immortals brought the MiBR brand, which was ​confirmed by Velloso, and speculation began that it would eventually lead to the Immortals return to CS:GO. Immortals left CS:GO after a series of events led to the fall of the team, starting with Vito "kNg"Giuseppe threatening another player

Photo courtesy of MiBR