Blizzard unveiled a new version of the Horizon Lunar Colony map through the Overwatch Public Test Region on Tuesday, but fans noticed the damage done by D.Va's Self Destruct was significantly nerfed when playing the map. It appears the inconsistent ultimate damage is because of a bug on the map.

​​An ​Overwatch player recorded the difference in damage D.Va's Self Destruct does on live servers and the PTR server. The first part of the clip showed the player being ejected from D.Va's mech immediately after Self Destruct wiped the mech's health. The player then repeated the move on the PTR, which is indicated by the updated version of Horizon Lunar Colony, and D.Va survived.

Players noted this bug does not only affect D.Va, but Junkrat, too. His RIP-Tire does not do as much damage as it does on live servers. Players reported reduced RIP-Tire damage on maps like Junkertown and Kings Row in addition to the ​new Horizon Lunar Colony.

The PTR debuted ​Symmetra's rework, which bumped her into the ​damage hero class in addition to ​updating her abilities and ultimate. Players noticed other bugs on the PTR and ​new exploits that Blizzard needs to fix before the patch joins live servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard. ​Clip courtesy of Enzo-Unversed