Included in the Overwatch Public Test Region patch notes was a buff to McCree's ultimate, Deadeye. His ultimate's range was increased from 70 meters to 200 meters on the PTR server.

"While McCree’s Deadeye rarely came into play at 70 meters, we are increasing the range so it cannot be a limiting factor during normal gameplay," the developers said in the patch notes.

The update came two days later than the other changes in the new patch. McCree's Deadeye is an ultimate that can potentially wipe an entire team if each hero is in his line of sight. The less health his targets have, the quicker his Deadeye will lock on to secure a kill. The buff will allow McCree to reach targets that are further away when using Deadeye.

Doomfist also ​received buffs on the ​Overwatch PTR Tuesday. The ​Symmetra rework went live, too, allowing players to test out Symmetra's ​newest features. Bugs were found on the PTR, however, which nerfed D.Va and Junkrat's ultimate abilities on various maps.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard