​Symmetra reigned as the worst hero in Overwatch for a long time. She was a situational hero whose effectiveness fluctuated greatly based on maps and game modes -- but even at the peak of her usefulness, Symmetra was never the most viable option.

Now that Overwatch is receiving a new and improved Symmetra some time in the next couple of weeks, the title of Overwatch's worst hero is passed onto Sombra. 

Players got a taste of the ​new and improved Symmetra on the Public Test Region, as her rework went live Tuesday. Although it's clear Symmetra ​might need some tweaking before her release on live ​Overwatch servers, her ​new abilities seem promising and can open up the doors to new strategies. It's unclear where Symmetra will fit in the meta, but her effectiveness in games significantly rose with her rework on the PTR.

Doomfist ​buffs went live on the PTR too, after Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan voiced his ​displeasure with Doomfist's state in the game. Despite being a hero with bugs since his release, Doomfist's pickrate is not as abysmal as fellow Talon member Sombra.

​​A report from OmnicMeta showed the pick rates of heroes in every tier of competitive. It is easy to see what heroes are thriving in the meta and which heroes are falling short. Doomfist, Sombra, Mei, Torbjörn and Symmetra are the heroes whose pick rates struggle to push past 15 percent. 

Out of those five heroes, one (Torbjörn) is ​next in line for a rework, while the rest received buffs in recent months or were significantly reworked already (Symmetra). Despite Sombra's massive buffs and ​eventual nerf, her pick rate has now plummeted beneath even Doomfist, who was ​usually beneath her or at the same level.

​​Much like Doomfist, many Sombra bugs on live servers were a part of the game since she was added to the roster, but new bugs have surfaced patch after patch -- recently compiled in a list of Sombra bugs.

The developer team mentioned they will keep a close eye on Sombra, yet no documented bug fixes were made for Sombra in the game's latest PTR patch -- and fans continue to find more bugs that make Sombra frustrating to play as. The most frustrating part of her bugs are the fact that they interrupt Sombra's kit and ultimately her effectiveness on a team.

​​Sombra's most important ability is also the ability with the most bugs. Her Hack suffered greatly when Blizzard removed the 0.1 second window of time where Hack would not be cancelled. Insignificant line of sight blockers such as light posts or signs did not break Sombra's LoS which meant her Hack would go off successfully, but the removal of this window allows her LoS to be broken by anything -- from projectiles she does not come in contact with, to her own Translocator. This is not the only Hack bug players run into on a daily basis, unfortunately.

Blizzard had the right intentions when trying to fix Sombra, but it failed. Sombra is in a worse state than she was before. A quick look at Sombra's pick rate on ​Overbuff shows her a mere 0.01 percent above Torbjörn in the past three months, and she sits at last place in June's hero list of hero pick rates. 

There are now more Sombra bugs than there are Sombra mains, and it's crucial that Blizzard takes another look at fixing Sombra soon.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard