​Sombra has a new bug on Overwatch's Public Test Realm where if she hacks a health pack after it respawns, it will only be usable by the enemy until the hack wears off. It has the same effect as if an enemy Sombra has hacked the health pack.

The bug is a direct result from Blizzard patching another bug, where Sombra's Translocator wouldn't be destroyed if it fell into a pit. This health pack bug is not present on live versions of ​Overwatch, and Sombra's Hack functions as it should. In the live version, though, the Translocator does not get destroyed when falling into a pit, so Sombra can teleport to their death.

Sombra is now considered by many to be the ​worst hero of Overwatch on the new PTR. Many of her abilities have ​significant bugs, some of which are still present in live versions of the game.

Other changes in the PTR include a ​complete rework of Symmetra. Symmetra's entire kit has been changes in order to shift her role from a support character into a defense character. Her ​new Sentry Turrets in particular are especially strong.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment