​Earlier this year, it was implied that there would be more mIni-competitive game modes coming to Overwatch. 

​​A post earlier details the next ​mini-competitive game mode, which is looking like it will be a 3-vs-3 elimination match. The sprays and icons for the mode have been shown and will follow the same suit as the regular competitive playlist. There are two spays players can earn, one for participation and playing matches in 3 vs. 3 and another for the ones who make it to the Top 500 ranks.

Blizzard has been rolling out different mini-competitive game modes for ​Overwatch such as Lúcioball and the recent​ 6-vs-6 Deathmatch Elimination mode. The community can look forward to more competitive arcade style game modes in the future. 

These competitive formats give a fresh way to play the game. It expands the pool of modes players can choose to play, so there is more variety and won't be too static. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment