5 Best Support Champions in League of Legends Patch 8.12

League of Legends Patch 8.11 shifted the bot lane meta into a chaotic mixture of champion picks, and League of Legends Patch 8.12 leaves players still trying to figure it out.

Huge changes were made to every single Marksman, including new items, which made many of them weaker. Some supports will be taking a few nerfs in Patch 8.12, but overall many power picks will remain the same.

Here are the five best League of Legends supports champions in Patch 8.12.  

5. Zyra

Zyra makes the list for Patch 8.12 because of the rising pressure of high impact lane champions such as Yasuo, Irelia, Camille, and Vladimir. Pairing well with many of the champions from the AD carry roster, she provides an immense amount of pressure with her root potential. Her ranged plants can also shove minion waves and get some extra poke damage.

Although Zyra might have great zoning and damage output, she does have to fear other aggressive supports because of her squishy nature. Zyra does not have any sustain abilities at all, so she does need to be wary of her positioning.  

4. Rakan

Rakan has been a solid and strong pick for the past few patches. Patch 8.12 will see Rakan in about the same spot in terms of power level. The one significant difference to Rakan will actually not be because of the champion, but the partner with whom he is paired.

Patch 8.11 took many marksmen out of the meta because of the overall lower base damage they do during the early game. Bruisers and other high damage champions pair well with Rakan because he provides a little bit of everything.

Rakan can heal his duo partner, initiate, disengage, and provide a shield. He remains as a jack of all trades support.

3. Alistar

Alistar has not seen too much change for a while now, but the shift in meta has slowly brought him back to the top. His crowd control potential makes him a highly contested pick. Not only does he have a decent amount of lane pressure, he does well outside of the lane phase. Building heavy health, armor, or magic resist, depending on the enemy team composition, he can soak up a ton of damage. 

2. Morgana

Morgana continues to be the cut above the rest when it comes to her utility. Her Dark Binding can feel like an eternity when hit by it and can often win games when landing it on a crucial target. Morgana's E ability, Black Shield, is a great way to get her teammate out of a potential pinch. Her ultimate, Soul Shackles, can cause the enemy team to run away in chaos, while she stays safe utilizing Zhonya's Hourglass.  

1. Janna

For Patch 8.12, Janna's shield will be a decay over five seconds, instead of it being static. Regardless of that, she will remain the queen of supports. Even if most of the bot lanes currently don't involve marksman, the AD boost and crowd control zoning she provides makes her too good. A nerf for Janna is a step in the right direction because she has been too powerful for such a long time. 

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