​League of Legends Clash is once again causing problems for the game, as another attempt to bring the game mode live caused the servers to go down in European West server.

​​As a result of the crash, Clash for EUW server has been cancelled. The EU West and EU North East Clash mode beta test started today, but reports began pouring in that players were being kicked from lobbies and games ending with instant victories.


Clash tournaments were supposed to begin for all regions on May 25, but the mode was brought down in North America and other regions because of technical problems.

Clash is a mode that allows players to gather together for a three day long tournament. Each tournament is set across three days, starting with a four team bracket. Teams can join the tournament at any stage and will always begin at the four team bracket. Teams that win advance to an eight team bracket and then a final 16 team bracket on the last day.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games