5 Best Junglers for League of Legends Patch 8.12

League of Legends Patch 8.12 is two patches removed from the massive jungle changes, so players have begun to settle in to the new meta. Here's a look at the five best junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.12.

5. Warwick

Warwick will excel on Patch 8.12 because he has a healthy early game jungle clear and a crowd control ability that gives him good early game control of Rift Scuttler. The return of Atma's Reckoning should also benefit Warwick as he is a champion that tends to stack health and would benefit from the item in the mid/late game. 

4. Kayn

Kayn is a great option for the upcoming patch because Spear of Shojin looks like a fantastic item for him. It gives AD, health and CDR and the ability to dive into multiple enemies while taking reduced damage flows perfectly with Kayn's kit. Expect to see a lot of Kayn on Patch 8.12. 

3. Xin Zhao

Xin is another champion that can take advantage of Spear of Shojin and should see a bump in action from his already high pick rate. Able to clear the jungle quickly and provide a ton of pressure through ganks and early Rift Scuttler skirmishes, Xin even scales well into the mid and late game making him a top tier champion for Patch 8.12.

2. Udyr

Udyr has the highest win rate of all junglers on Patch 8.11. While some changes are coming in Patch 8.12, none of them targets Udyr, though he isn't the best candidate for any of the new items. 

He has one of the fastest clears in the game and can out duel almost any other jungler in the 1-v-1, giving him priority whenever he is in the river.

1. Taliyah

Taliyah came out of the woodwork to become a ban or play jungle option. When Riot nerfed her mid lane wave push, they actually buffed her jungle clear. Additionally she can destroy the Rift Scuttler since she has a knock up and this often gives her a speed advantage over other junglers.

Her ganks are incredibly strong because she has a lot of early damage and none of the lanes have any worked ground since she has been in the jungle. She can even move around the map quickly because of her passive and is getting a buff which solidifies her as the top jungler for Patch 8.12.

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