5 Best ADCs in League of Legends Patch 8.12

League of Legends Patch 8.12 is the second patch after massive changes to the AD Carry role, as they lost base stats and the critical strike items were changed. Instead of spiking after an item or two, most ADCs need a full three items before they can start pumping out damage. In a meta that is focused on the early game, critical strike based ADCs have fallen out of favor. Here are the five best ADCs in Patch 8.12.

5. Draven

Draven is the only ADC in League of Legends who still goes for a critical strike build and remains a competitive choice. Because Draven's auto attacks deal more damage than most other ADCs because of Spinning Axe, he doesn't need as many items to be relevant.

4. Miss Fortune

After being relegated to support duty for a while, Miss Fortune has started to see play once again as an ADC. Miss Fortune is an ADC that can build lethality and cooldown reduction and deal a lot of burst damage with her ultimate in fights. Being able to purchase less expensive items and therefore power spike early enough to have an impact should keep her relevant during Patch 8.12.

3. Ezreal

Ezreal will forever be a top tier option because of how strong his abilities are. The reason he excels on Patch 8.12 is again because he doesn't need to build critical strike items and can still just go for Manamune and Trinity Force to have a nice two item power spike around 22 minutes.

His ability to deal consistent damage earlier than other ADCs gives Ezreal a huge advantage on Patch 8.12.

2. Lucian

Lucian is one of the few champions able to abuse the Essence Reaver changes and has quickly become one of the most sought after ADCs. Lucian already benefits from constantly using his passive as it reduces the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit. Add in Essence Flare, the unique passive on Essence Reaver, and Lucian is able to dash every second or two if he cycles his abilities correctly.

1. Kai'Sa

Kai'Sa has one of the highest ban rates of any champion in League of Legends. She can go straight into Guinsoo's Rageblade and hits like a truck. Eventually Kai'Sa will often build into critical strike items but has high enough base damage early on to still be relevant without it.

What sets her apart from other ADCs is the ability to escape enemy assassins by using killer instinct to jump to the enemy backline, assuming her teammates have landed any crowd control. This mobility gives her the ability to outlast opponents and carry teamfights. 

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games