5 Takeaways From the ECS Season 5 Finals

The ECS Season 5 finals took place over the weekend at the SSE Arena in London, England, with Astralis coming out on top. Eight teams qualified to the event from the online season that took place over multiple weeks. Here are five of the main takeaways from the actions that occurred at the event.

5. NRG Continues Momentum From StarSeries

NRG was able to make the final of Starseries i-League Season 5 in an event that contained some very capable teams. Last weekend in London, NRG followed up this performance with making the playoffs.

NRG did this by beating both G2 and FaZe in the group stage. There is some scrutiny however as both were only best of one matchups, but nevertheless NRG still beat either team. 

Even though the team still lost against Team Liquid in the semifinals, this performance continues to cement the team in the top level of the scene even more.

Photo courtesy of ECS 

4. FaZe Clan Needs to Find a Solid Fifth Member

FaZe Clan has been out of a permanent fifth member since the absence of Olof "olofmeister" Kjabjer. This event, FaZe Clan used Jorgen "cromen" Robertsen and although he was not that bad, he still was not enough for the team to recover and topple the mighty Astralis.

This team is set up to win events and other than IEM Sydney, which was most likely a fluke, will not be doing so without a permanent fifth player. 

Even though olofmeister is one of the most successful players in the games history, this break is simply too long for the FaZe team and letting him go is the right action to do for the team.

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3. G2 was not Ready for the Event

The new G2 lineup came into the event with very little practice under the team's belt. This really showed as G2 failed to get out of the groups and struggled immensely. 

The team was able to get a victory over Luminosity, but this does not say much as the caliber of players on this team should do that any day. Against FaZe Clan or NRG, the team really stood no chance and was easily outclassed on the server.

This team will take some time to get Kevin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans strategies going and to receive some good results. There is obviously great potential with this team, but it will take some time to get there.

Photo courtesy of ECS 

2. Astralis is the Best Team in the World

Once again after another tournament, we are sitting here today to say that Astralis is most definitely the best team in the world. 

With another class performance at this event, Astralis did not lose a single map and dominated just about every opponent that Astralis played. This was pretty much expected coming into the event and is something that CS:GO fans are starting to get used to.

The dominance of Astralis is something that fans should not take for granted and enjoy while it still lasts. An era by any team deserves greatness and this era is definitely dominated by Astralis.

Photo courtesy of ECS 

1. Cloud9 is Done

A team that once hit the heights of winning a major title is now at the lowest of lows and no where close to past achievements. Cloud9 is a shell of it's former self and a team that definitely needs a massive overhaul.

Whatever the team is doing right now, it definitely is not working and things need to be fixed. A replacement for Pujan "FNS" Mehta  and potentially for Tyler "skadoodle" Latham are musts and need to happen quickly.

This is team is looking for answers and success, but the answers may lie in far beneath and hard to find.

Photo courtesy of Adela Szajder/Dreamhack 

Photo courtesy of ECS