The Unicorns of Love announced Tuesday the addition of Matúš "Neon" Jakubčík​ to the roster as a substitute AD Carry for the EU LCS summer split.

In a blog post on the team's website, UOL wrote that Neon will play as a substitute AD carry for Unicorns of Love during the summer split. He will take the place of Samuel "Samux" Fernández Fort in the starting lineup for the short term.

The post explained that starting ADC Samux has been dealing with severe health problems preventing him from practicing and competing with the team. While his health has improved, the team decided to sign a substitute to minimize potential lost scrim time, and to cover itself when Samux is unable to play.

UoL will compete in the EU LCS summer split, which begins Friday.

Cover photo courtesy of ​Unicorns of Love