There is a huge number of cosmetics in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, from the badass to the bland. Within that gamut, there are very clear lines between the valuable and the useless items.

While most of PUBG's skins are lackluster, that hasn't stopped them from piercing the stratosphere in rarity and price. Judged on the dual axes of price and in-game occurrence, here are the six rarest cosmetics in PUBG.

6. Glory AKM

As one of the least common and most aesthetically pleasing drops in the Triumph Crate, the Glory AKM is no slouch in the rarity department. At $84 a pop, this sleek black killing machine is an easy contender for rarest cosmetic in the game.

5. Sharkbite Kar98k

Despite sharing a design with the Sharkbite M16A4, the Kar98k version of this skin retains a sky-high price thanks to its rarity and desirability. As the Kar98k is a popular choice for the coolest sniper — and the gun of choice for a certain rude medical professional — this skin boasts a $87 price tag.

4. Cloth Mask (Leopard)

PlayerUnknown must have a thing for bandannas. In addition to the red flannel bandanna that makes up a part of the official PlayerUnknown set, this leopard bandanna is near the apex of rarity and price. It can be yours for the low, low price of $100.

3. The School Skirt

Released in September inside the Gamescom Invitational crate, this shabby skirt has managed to stay rare and precious for more than eight months. It remains the third most expensive item in the game, costing a cool $250 on the Steam marketplace.

2. PlayerUnknown's Bandanna

The bandanna of choice for PlayerUnknown himself, this red rag is an absolute nightmare to get a hold of. After a debut on the marketplace at around $900, PlayerUnknown's Bandanna has since dropped to around $300, but its absence from in-game crates has kept its rarity in the clouds.

1. The Olive Branch Pan

The Olive Branch Pan is the holy grail of PUBG items. Only 22 have ever been sold on the Steam marketplace, and they go for a jaw-dropping $1,800. This digital pan is worth more money than the actual computer on which I'm typing this article. If you ever see one, thank your lucky stars.

Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp