5 Biggest Changes in League of Legends Patch 8.12

League of Legends Patch 8.12 will bring a lot of changes to the game, some bigger than others. Here are the five changes to keep an eye out for. 

5. Another Ezreal Nerf

Ezreal is still a tier one option despite getting nerfed during Patch 8.11. This particular change targets his early game by lowering his base armor and making him more susceptible to enemy all ins. The idea is that Ezreal will have to play even safer and give up more of an advantage early which will delay his item build and power spike. 

4. Rumble Buffs

Rumble has been seeing some mid lane play since the addition of Nimbus Cloak and is getting some solid buffs in Patch 8.12 that should bring him back into the meta.

The base health given by his shield is increased by 20 at all ranks and his ultimate is getting a big damage increase as well as a scaling ratio increase. Rumble has always been strongest when he can get an early lead and use his ultimate to snowball team fights so this damage increase should work wonders for the yordle. 

3. Sejuani Buffs

Riot has been tinkering with Sejuani on the PBE  for the last cycle and has decided on some updates that should give her a better chance in the jungle.

Most notably the AP ratio on her W, Winter's Wrath, and E, Permafrost, have both been increased by a lot. This should give Sejuani the possibility of fighting other junglers when she encounters them rather than being forced to dash away at the first sight of an enemy. 

2. Banner of Command Removed

Banner of Command has been one of the most controversial items since it was popularized as a mid/top lane choice. On one hand it provides a way for teams to manipulate the map and create pressure in order take objectives elsewhere.

On the other hand the item created a lot of problems for mages specifically and led to a meta that was dominated by split pushing tanks. Riot decided that Banner of Command was not a healthy item for the game and it will be removed in Patch 8.12.

1. Shield Nerfs

By far the biggest change in Patch 8.12 is the much anticipated shield/heal nerf. It will impact the game in two ways, the first being a nerf to shield duration on all of the shield supports. This should give a larger window of ability downtime where opponents can engage without having to worry about burning through a shield.

The shield support items are also getting targeted as their bonus heal and shield power will be reduced by roughly 20 percent each. The goal here is to give more opportunities for players to outplay the shield mechanic rather than having to hope they had enough damage. 

League of Legends Patch 8.12 follows in the footsteps of 8.11 and 8.10 and should provide yet another big meta shake up. 

Photos courtesy of Riot Games