The Overwatch League revealed key dates for Overwatch League free agency and introduced two-way players that will become eligible in 2019. 

This is excellent news for  Overwatch fans as we get a concrete offseason window.

The signing window for the Overwatch League opens on Aug. 1 and teams can negotiate contract extensions for existing players or sign players from their affiliated Contenders team. Inaugural season agreements end on Sept. 9 and players without a contract become free agents. Overwatch League expansion teams will have an exclusive window from Sept. 9 until Oct. 7 to sign free agents. The free agent window for all existing Overwatch League teams opens up on Oct. 8.

"Beginning with the 2019 season, the term of player agreements will no longer be fixed at one year with an additional one-year option. Players and teams may negotiate contracts for up to three years, with a maximum of one year as an option in addition to one or two guaranteed years," the post read.

The league will also introduce two-way players in 2019. Overwatch League teams can negotiate the right for a player to be eligible to compete on an affiliated Contenders team. "Regardless of where they play, two-way players count toward the Overwatch League roster limit of 12 and must earn the same salary and benefits. Two-way players also will count towards the eight-player Contenders roster limit for weeks in which their Contenders team designates them as eligible to compete," the post explained. 

Two-way players cannot compete in the Overwatch League and Contenders in the same week and will lose Contenders eligibility if they appear in more than two Overwatch League matches in a stage.

The Overwatch League will end Stage 4 with title matches on Sunday. After playoffs, the league's grand finals will take place at the Barclays Center July 27-28.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard