Video: Overwatch Brigitte Voice Actor Explains How to Pronounce Brigitte Correctly

Matilda Smedius, the voice actor of Brigitte from Overwatch, took to Snapchat to explain to her followers exactly how to pronounce Brigitte.

It's a lot harder than we thought. 

Instead of saying Bri-gee-tay, you are supposed to say Brig-it-teh.

Brigitte hails from Sweden, so that's why the pronunciation of her name is a little different than what Americans are accustomed to. Since Smedius voiced the character, it's pretty safe to say that she has some sort of authority on how the character's name is pronounced. Brigitte definitely has the most difficult-to-pronounce name out of the Overwatch cast, but it's worth getting the pronunciation down to show off to friends.

In everyone's defense, even Jeff Kaplan says the name wrong. Actually, ​everyone says it wrong

Photo courtesy of Blizzard