Riot Scruffy, Reav3, and Supercakes responded to some questions about champions, their skins and how they choose them in League of Legends. 

The first question addressed the creation of simple champions, citing old Taric as an example of a simple champion. Scruffy explained that while simple champions are good for the game, he feels that the number already present is enough for players interested in a more decision and less mechanic based play style.

Scruffy points to Warwick as being an updated champion that still has a relatively straightforward and easy to execute play style. Champions like Xin Zhao and Garen also fit into this niche. The reason he does not think the game needs more champions like this is that to balance them appropriately, they are too strong at lower elo play. Or if they are balanced based on low elo play, they are unplayable at higher levels.

Reav3 takes on a question asking whether or not Riot is ever worried that a new champion will be so good that other champions will be abandoned. He says that they are not worried about it and in fact, it is necessary for League of Legends because each new champion needs its own dedicated player base.

Supercakes answered the last question that focused more on skins and how Riot decides what champion and what theme skin they will make next. Supercakes wasn't able to give a definitive answer because Riot changes their production method depending on a variety of factors. For example, sometimes a specific champion like Illaoi needs a new skin because she only has one, so Riot will specifically make an Illaoi skin.

Photo courtesy of Riot games