A new Dota 2 patch took down the Game Coordinator and broke matches during the first round of The International 8 NA open qualifiers, forcing teams out of the tournament unfairly. Matches will take place once again Friday.

​​FACEIT's Milos "Mikey" Nedelkovic reported the Dota 2 patch made the GC unstable two hours following its release. "We didn't expect this patch and any destabilization of GC could endanger the entire open qualifiers and its exactly what happened as Round 1 matches had wrong reports and players couldn't join the games OR the system was tagging wrong people AFK/Leavers as GC connection was down," the post read.

The qualifiers were postponed until Friday, where teams and players can sign up again and the open qualifiers will start from the first round.

Teams participating in ​The International 8 open qualifiers had to deal with ​a disruptive bug Thursday that would occur when players used the Wildwing Ripper's Tornado in games. Main qualifiers begin on June 18 once the open qualifiers wrap up.

Cover photo courtesy of Valve