​Overwatch fans discovered the addition of a new Tracer spray on the Public Test Region that featured her girlfriend, Emily.

Emily was first introduced to fans through the ​Reflections comic in 2016. Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu also announced ​Tracer is a lesbian shortly afterward. Blizzard added two voice lines that refer to Emily in-game, but her presence ended there. 

Whether Blizzard was inspired by Pride Month, or whether the team listened to the complaints of fans who felt its ​LGBT representation was lacking, the spray is another in-game reminder of Tracer's relationship with her girlfriend.

The ​Symmetra rework went live June 5 on the PTR. The offense and defense classes were also merged to become the ​new damage class, which game director Jeff Kaplan explained was largely created to make a ​simpler Looking for Group. It is unknown when the updates on the PTR will make their way to the live server.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard