​In the latest Riot Games dev blog, posted Friday, Ed "SapMagic" Altorfer addressed feedback for the new position ranked system that will be introduced in League of Legends Season 9.

The new​ League of Legends ranked system entails players queueing up in their position, that being top, jungle, mid, ad carry, and support, and will have ranks in each of those positions. This new system has been under intense scrutiny, so far that ​the community went out to call for it to not happen in fear of abuse and grinding.

SapMagic went out​ address each of those fears and show that Riot is listening to the community.


To make sure players are taking off-role games seriously, SapMagic is introducing a new mechanic called "splashing." That means when a player wins in one role, they will get a small amount of lp in the other roles. And when they lose in that role, they will lose some lp in the other roles. This will make sure people value each game.

Next, to make sure the system isn't abused, Riot will link MMR between the different ranks. That means people who constantly switch, which boosters do, would make finding matches tougher.

And lastly, to make sure the ranked system isn't getting too grindy, there are a few things changing. Players won't have as hard as a soft reset at the new season to make sure players are still around where they should be. Additionally, players will have increased lp per win, decreased lp losses, lp splashing, and promo helper for every series. Overall, this will make climbing easier.

While these changes do address many of the community's fears, this system still has a long way to go before it should go live.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games