NRG eSports announced the addition of Kim "Rascal" Dong-jun, former Dallas Fuel player, to its Overwatch Contenders team.

Rascal joined the Overwatch League when Cloud9's KongDoo Panthera roster merged with GC Busan to create the London Spitfire. After Spitfire won the Stage 1 championship title, Dallas Fuel acquired Rascal only to release him because of "communication problems." 

Since his release from the Dallas Fuel, Rascal promised he would return to the Overwatch League and more recently was seen with Overwatch Contenders team Seven Master.

An announcement from the Overwatch League Thursday introduced the addition of two-way players coming to the league during Season 2 in 2019. These players can be used between in the Overwatch League and in Contenders, but the league did limit the usage of two-way players in the league for fairness. Contenders teams are now capped at eight players on a roster and two-way players cannot participate in the Overwatch League and Contenders in the same week.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard