A number of YouTubers and professional FIFA players were able to get some hands-on time with EA employees and the group outlined some changes coming to FIFA 19.

Outlined in a Reddit post from a video by DJMariio, the changes focused on adding some new moves, celebrations and button changes to help the game run smoother.

The changes are as follows:

  1. PK are fix, the ball will not go under the gk arm as often. Change of shooting style
  2. You can change the GK position at FK
  3. Set players to auto-intercept or defend manually
  4. Set your own quick tactics (Formation/Custom Tactics)
  5. LT+B (L2+0) to do volleys
  6. LB+RB (L1+R1+0) to do low driven (Not as effective as 17/18)
  7. New reception moves
  8. New skill moves "La croqueta" (Iniesta signature move) others will be confirmed later
  9. They want to make players like Busquets to be useful
  10. New fake shot LB(L1)+fakeshot
  11. New celebrations, you can now skip your goal celebrations
  12. Scoring from FK will be more common
  13. Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid all have their face scanned
  14. Timing shoot doble tap B(0) to make a better shoot, you will get a green or red indicator if you did it good or bad
  15. Now in the minimap your players will be circles and your opponent triangles.

FIFA 19 was revealed during the EA Play Conference at E3. FIFA 19 also revealed that the game will feature the UEFA Champions League, but outside of those details the company did not reveal many details on the new game. 

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28.

Photo courtesy of EA