Madara-666 of the Midas Club went rogue during its International open qualifier match against Infamous. The team rage quit five minutes into its tiebreaker match, forgoing a chance to get into the regional qualifiers.

Madara-666 was the first to disconnect from the game setting off the first pause and shortly after the game was unpaused the team surrendered the match. Madara- can be seen saying "good game, well played," right before the pause. The game was 7-3 with Infamous leading in the scoreline before the game came to a quick end. 

The International 8 open qualifiers have seen a number of strange situations throughout. An earlier disqualification of iG. Vitality during the China Regional International 8 open qualifiers was reversed after it was found that the bug that caused the disqualification was patched out. Pause rules also needed to be changed by FACEIT because of community feedback and a number of issues with player disconnects.