​Riot Games has been working on a new anti-cheat system for League of Legends. There are reports that this update would make the game unplayable for Linux users, because it would make the game incompatible with virtual environments, something Linux users have to employ to play the game.

Apparently over the past month many Linux users have complained to Riot Games but to no avail. According to a Reddit user, Riot Games took until yesterday to respond to the complaints and has no plan of changing the software. The response makes no promises and essentially tells Linux users that they are out of luck unless a third party wants to make compatible software.

The main complaint is that many players have spent money on the game which is non-refundable. If the compatibility problems are a real issue, then those players would potentially lose out on their investments.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to players because of the way Riot Games has handled similar compatibility problems in the past. Originally the game was unplayable for Apple users and anyone with an Apple computer had to use an emulator in order to play. 

Eventually Riot Games worked with a third party to make the game compatible for Apple users. The main difference is that the percentage of players using Linux is much lower, close to one percent according to the Reddit post, and therefore won't be as much of a concern to Riot Games. 

Photo courtesy of Riot games