​Epic Games is constantly reworking the infrastructure of Fornite: Battle Royale, making changes to the mechanics of the game. Resource gathering is a core part of what makes Fortnite the game it is today. Building structures to mitigate damage and gain the high ground over opponents is essential to the metagame.

Once again, Epic Games has decided to nerf the amount of materials gained from outside resources. The ​​recent Patch 4.3 saw the Llama taking a huge decrease in the amount of materials given to the player for each stack. Instead of getting 500 Wood/Brick/Metal, now, it has been changed to 200 Wood/Brick/Metal. Players are getting less than half of the total material count with this nerf.

This patch had sparked some concerns from notable professional ​Fortnite players. TSM sponsored pro, Daequan "Daequan" Loco voiced his opinion on how players need to harvest more materials in order to feel comfortable. 

He even provides an alternative for the Llama nerf, where llamas in solos would grant 250 of each resource, llamas in duos would grant 350 of each resource, and llamas in squads would grant 500 of each resource.

These seemingly small changes made by Epic Games has shown to have vital impacts on the game.

Building is absolutely key to a players survival and not only that, it promotes a more aggressive option. Having more materials means players can confidently engage in build fights against enemies more often, instead of whacking away at buildings and trees. Even for defensive players, more materials means that they won't run out when building structures.

These resource nerfs from Epic Games bring a concerning mentality when looking forward to the future of Fortnite: Battle Royale, especially in the competitive scene. Many streamers and players are getting signed onto huge organizations such as, ​Cloud 9, TSM, 100 Thieves, FaZe Clan, ​Rogue, etc. All of these high level players are fantastic at building in unique ways.     

The ​recent Fortnite Pro-Am held at the 2018 E3 Expo showed off a small tease of an official Fortnite competition. Many ​notable professional and celebrity players were invited to participate. The clip above shows the importance and strategy that building brings into the game. Without a sufficient amount of materials, exciting build fights would not be possible.

As professional esports teams continue to build up their roster for the first, big Fortnite competition, the future of how games will play out is concerning. The less materials, the less engagements, which will promote a more camping focused meta game for pro players. 

Spectating a Fortnite game where players are just sitting in a structure for most of the game until the circle closes in is not fun for fans, as well as the players themselves. Hopefully, Epic Games will address these changes soon to bring back material gains. This is probably one of, if not the most important mechanical changes that should be looked at. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games