The League of Legends Public Beta Environment is being updated with more content for the God-King Garen and God-King Darius VS event, as well as champion changes.

​​The splash art for God-King Darius, God-King Garen and Dark Star Cho'Gath are now on the PBE. All three skins also have special loading screens available. The new splash art is joined by new icons for the upcoming God-King VS event between Darius and Garen.


Aatrox's additional AD against monsters was lowered from 15 to 10 percent. Camille's hook shot damage was lowered at all levels, capping out at 200 instead of 255. 

Irelia had her base AD increased from 60 to 62, and her passive was changed to give her less on-hit base damage at max stacks (48 from 66), and the on-hit ratio was swapped from 16 percent of total AD to 16 percent of bonus AD, but she got more attack speed (50 from 40). Her W minimum damage was reduced from 90 to 78, and her maximum damage on W was increased from 180 to 195, but all scaling has been reduced on the ability.

Oriana had the AP ratio on her E increased by 10 percent. Pyke had his HP per level reduced, his MR per level increased, and his armor per level increased. Singed had his Q mana cost reverted back to 13, and the percentage max health damage on his E was lowered, capping out at seven percent instead of eight.

Taric's E bonus armor was increased from 30 to 50 percent, and it's a damage was reduced at all levels, capping at 250 instead of 285. His R cooldown was increased by 20 seconds at each level.

Tristana had her E damage lowered marginally, Twitch's ultimate was slightly buffed in the bonus AD it gives, Vayne got her true damage lowered, and Xayah had the changes on her Q and E reverted.

It is possible that the adjustments are in anticipation of the new buffs to crit items that were ​hotfixed into the game.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games