5 Changes That Need to Happen in League of Legends Patch 8.13

League of Legends Patch 8.12 changed the game completely. It destroyed the viability of ranged AD Carries in the bot lane, and ushered in a new meta of bruisers and mages. With Patch 8.13 on the way, here are five changes that we want to happen in the newest update.

5. Dr. Mundo Nerf

In his current state, Dr. Mundo is an unstoppable killing machine. Not only can he do well in laning phase, but he dominates mid-to-late game team fights. During laning he can stand in front of waves to deny a laner their CS, and even if he takes damage his passive will just keep on healing him back up. 

Also, his Q and W aid him in securing CS of his own, which he uses to buy tank items. Yet somehow, he still manages to do so much damage. When the late game comes around, Mundo needs to do nothing more than activate Sadism and charge into the enemy backline. With the massive amount of health regeneration and movement speed he gets from it, there is no stopping him.

4. Define the Meta

As of right now, players are in a state of "Meta Limbo."  

If the game is left like this there is no telling what other odd picks will come out of the woodwork. Even if that meta is mages as bot laners, players want the games to be fun and inventive, not chaotic. 

3. Essence Reaver Adjust

At first, the new Essence Reaver was a welcomed change to League of Legends, it was interesting and had a lot of possibilities, but there are some champions that are simply too strong with this item. 

A prime example of this is Lucian. While he doesn't need the whole 300 mana, its new, second passive, it far too powerful. As explained in the photo above, it gives players massive cooldowns on all non-ultimate abilities after using a player's ultimate. 

With this, Lucian can rapidly proc his passive and abilities and continue to dash forward, with it's now few second cooldown. Other champions, such as Master Yi and Kog'Maw are also abusers of this item, but Lucian is the most frightening.

2. Lifesteal Changes

With all the champions that benefit from life steal, it can seem overwhelming. There are times that, if squishy champions buy enough life steal items, they can become unkillable. Some of the champions that can abuse this are Vayne, Draven, and Jinx. 

Of course, if you build full life steal you should be rewarded, but being able to grab a little life steal and be so heavily rewarded isn't always fair. A lot of this healing comes from the rune Fleet Footwork, so if Riot Games were able to adjust the rune and the amount of lifesteal from items, fights would be a bit more balanced and proper positioning will be more important.

1. More Game Modes

All League of Legends players love to hop on the game after a long day and just play some relaxing League games. If there happens to be a new game mode, most people will flock to it and play it until their fingers are sore. Unfortunately, new game modes only comes around once in a blue moon. 

Other games, such as Hearthstone, have weekly events that are on for a few days, then take a few days off. It would be great to see Riot Games opening up more availability for game modes like ARURF or Hunt of the Blood Moon. Instead of putting them on for just a few days, it would be a welcomed change to see them more often.

 Photos courtesy of Riot Games