CORRECTION (9:37 a.m. ET June 21: An earlier version of this story, citing a ​Dot Esports report, incorrectly stated Hwang Chang-gyu was taken in by police for questioning. A warrant for Chang-gyu's arrest was sought but later denied by South Korean prosecutors. The headline and article have been updated to reflect this change.

Am arrest warrant was sought and later denied by South Korean prosecutors for Hwang Chang-gyu, the CEO of Korean Telecom, the parent company of KT Rolster, according to a Dot Esports report ​citing an article in the Korean Herald.

Chang-gyu has reportedly been accused of funneling money into a separate fund with which he allegedly made illegal political donations.

Chang-gyu was taken in for questioning earlier in the year based on similar accusations, according to the report. But South Korean prosecutors "ordered police to look more into the case" after denying the request for a warrant, according to Dot Esports' account of the Korean Herald article.

Hwang has been accused of creating slush funds worth about $1 million from May 2014 through October 2017. He's further accused of spending about $400,000 from those funds on illegal donations to members of the South Korean congress.

Photo courtesy of Korean Telecom