​The Phreak Show, starring none other than David "Phreak" Turley, was announced and released on Tuesday. 

The show will aim to condense patch notes into a five minute breakdown focusing specifically on how certain changes will affect the professional ​League of Legends scene.

The Phreak Show will be a great resource for all sorts of players because it will provide answers as to why things are the way they are. For example, Baron Nashor was changed so that it was easier to take. That part is straightforward but Phreak points out the reason; to make games easier to end and to provide less punishment for teams trying to risk an early Baron. The end result is what Riot Games has been pushing for as of late, more interactions between players. 

Having the meta defining parts of the patch notes pointed out is something that should speed up the development of new strategies for two reasons. It is easier to know what to play when someone outlines exactly what will be good. By the same token, players have a much better chance of creating counter strategies when they know what exactly it is they are supposed to counter.

This is also great for the casual player who doesn't want to take time to read through the patch notes or fans of the game that don't play consistently but follow the LCS. Instead of having to understand the exact impact a scaling AP ratio change, for example the change to ​Fleet Footwork, players can now have it explained to them.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games