An Overwatch fan shared a video of a message he received for his birthday from Carolina Ravassa, the Sombra voice actor and a well-known face in the Overwatch community.

Ravassa recorded a video wishing the ​Overwatch fan a happy birthday. The video was apparently a ​request by the fan's boyfriend for his birthday. Ravassa recited a couple Sombra voice lines before ending the video with Sombra's iconic "boop."

Ravassa is a notable face in the Overwatch community, as she is seen constantly interacting with fans through social media, recording ​Overwatch-themed content like videos with other ​Overwatch voice actors. She ​swaps voice lines with other voice actors often, creating amusing interactions players would never experience in-game.

Blizzard celebrated the game's two year anniversary recently, as it looked back on the game's success. Chris Parson, the voice behind Junkrat, admit he ​did not predict the level of popularity of the game. Even the Overwatch League, the official professional esports league for the game, is ​on track to becoming profitable in its first year.