NoxianCosplay created this amazing cosplay of Reaper's terrifying skin Nevermore.


NoxianCosplay shared their creation on the Overwatch subreddit, saying the entire costume had been made out of foam and vinyl.

Reaper's Nevermore skin is reminiscent of two very different things, the plague doctors of the 1600s, and the ​Arakkoa, an avian race featured in World of Warcraft.

This cosplay looks spot on, exactly the same as it does in the game but one has to wonder where the hundreds and hundreds of shotguns this Reaper is carrying are. 

We all know once Reaper has finished his entire clip, he drops both guns and somehow magically picks up two new, fully loaded shotguns. Maybe in game, Moira has engineered some regenerating guns, and maybe for this cosplay there's a hidden pouch somewhere, bursting with foam shotguns.

​See NoxianCosplay's reddit post here.