​The latest Public Beta Environment update for League of Legends Patch 8.13 came out Wednesday and included a long list of balance changes to champions/runes, new summoner icons, and God-King skin updates. Jinx, Kassadin and Riven led the way for champion balance changes.

In addition to the​ previous Summoner Icons added in an earlier PBE update, there's one new icon, along with a visual tweak to an existing one.


The new Summoner Icon looks like the top of Kayn's scythe that he wields. This Summoner Icon could be a hint at a new skin for Kayn. The color scheme and model are reminiscent of the Eternum skin line. Darius's special Summoner Icon also received a visual update. A scar has been added to his left eye, which was previously not there.  

Both, God King Garen and God King Darius had all of their unique voice lines released for hearing on Wednesday's update. The voices have been updated for both English and non-English versions. Aatrox's voice lines were also updated with non-English languages. The new God King skin line also includes a Wolf Ward Skin, which can be purchased for RP.

The​ previous Patch 8.13 PBE update before this one highlighted a huge list of changes coming to many ​League of Legends champions. This update continues to focus on those champions and more, along with rune balances.

Fizz has the most notable changes, including a reworked to his W skill, which won't be available when Patch 8.13 goes live. The new W has a two part cast, dealing more damage to lower health enemies when activated on the second time. The mana refunded from this skill has been lowered, but can be applied for each hit. The cooldown reduction when killing a unit with W has been removed.

For the marksman, Jinx's Zap! (W) received an AD ratio increase from 140 percent to 160 percent. Kalista has tentative increased AD ratios on her spear damage, but that is not finalized. Lucian's AD per level was lowered from 3.11 to 2.71. His R, The Culling, also has lowered minion damage, from 400 percent to 200 percent. 

In the mid lane, Kassadin received an increase in AP ratio from 70 percent to 80 percent for his E, Force Pulse. Oriana's Command: Dissonance (W) had its cooldown lowered from nine seconds to seven seconds. Her E, Command Protect, had its AP ratio reverted back from 40 percent to 30 percent. Zoe has her W, Spell Thief AP lowered from 75% to 65% and the movement speed reverted. 

Riven saw an HP regen increase from 1.1 to 1.4 and her R, Blade of the Exile having a lower cooldown and reverted extra AD. Singed has his ultimate, Insanity Potion stats lowered. Vladimir's HP per level and base HP reverted. Vlad's E, Tides of Blood has it's max AP lowered from 100% to 80%. 

The runes that were affected were the set bonuses for Sorcery, Inspiration, Resolve, and Precision. All of these sets saw an increase in AD and AP numbers. 

Photos courtesy of Riot Games