​With the incoming Symmetra rework, many Overwatch fans have pointed to Sombra as the next hero in line for some major changes. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan wrote Wednesday on the game's forums that changes will be implemented to Sombra in an Overwatch update next month.

Kaplan replied to a forum post Wednesday regarding the general state of Sombra, who is perhaps the hero ​most in need of balancing in the game.

"We have changes going in for Sombra for our July patch," Kaplan wrote. "Most likely, the changes will show up on the PTR sometime next week or soon after that. They are pretty significant.

"I’m not going to detail the changes for now as they are still in flux. But play-testing has gone well and we’re eager to improve her."

In addition to the Symmetra rework, which is ​live in the game's Public Test Region and could make its way into the live server any day now, ​Overwatch fans now have significant changes to Sombra as reason to be excited. With those changes, what's left for Blizzard to do to appease grumpy fans?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard