Blizzard uploaded a teaser to the Overwatch Twitter and it possibly hints at the arrival of Hero 28. The teaser also does an excellent job of throwing fans off Blizzard's trail and plans for the new hero by the multiple posters seen on the wall.

Nothing major happens in the video, but the wall points to four different possibilities of who ​Overwatch Hero 28 is or what else Blizzard ​might be planning.

The most obvious of the possibilities is Hammond. The posters in the teaser point at Horizon Lunar Colony, where Hammond and Winston grew up. Major changes to the Public Test Region included a new look for certain parts of Horizon Lunar Colony and the ​inclusion of Hammond lore. Fans have long wondered when Hammond would join the game and ​what kind of hero he would be. 

Another possibility is something that is related to Lúcio. There is a giant Lúcio poster and a soccer ball in front of it, which might hint at Lúcio lore in the future. This could also be a hero whose lore is tied in with Lúcio's, who is in dire need of ​more lore.

Although not blatantly obvious, there is a poster that points to Junkertown. A poster advertising Junkertown's Scrapyard is seen, with a figure that possibly resembles the ​Junkertown Queen. The Scrapyard is an arena where mech battles take place. This could hint toward the addition of the Junkertown Queen, or a Scrapyard brawl coming to the game.

There are pro-omnic posters on the wall. "Equal rights for omnics," the poster read. But anti-omnic sentiments are painted all over the wall. "No bots," one spray read. "Blood not circuits," another poster said. This could point to a new omnic hero, which there are only three of in Overwatch so far.

Blizzard's hero release pattern for Overwatch suggests a new hero will ​join the game in July. If these possibilities are all hints at what Blizzard is planning on doing or if the majority of the possibilities are diversions to throw fans off is unknown. Each poster focuses on different additions to the game various members in the community wanted.

Time will only tell what Blizzard has in store for Overwatch and its players.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard