5 Overwatch Heroes With the Most Bugs

The Overwatch team is always working hard to abolish bugs and fix problems, but there are so many things to keep track of that sometimes things slip between the cracks. Players can report bugs easily to the developers if they find any, but in the meantime:

Here are the five Overwatch heroes with the most bugs right now.

5. Moira

Back in April Overwatch players noticed a bug that allowed Moira to recharge her healing meter faster than the game was supposed to allow. On the Public Test Realm this month, one player reported a rather unique cosmetic bug that would make Moira's arms look extremely weird during Coalescence. 

4. Symmetra

The new Symmetra is still on the Public Test Realm, so it's somewhat unfair to call out her bugs, but she has them nonetheless. Most notably a bug found by one player that makes Symmetra's primary fire way more powerful than it's supposed to be. Rapidly clicking her primary instead of holding down the button reaches absurd levels of DPS.

3. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is high on this list because of numerous bugs that make playing him frustrating at times and seem very inconsistent. His ultimate ability, Earthshatter, sometimes simply does not work, or misses the target completely on it's own. Charge often misses enemies who by all rights should have been pinned. 

2. Doomfist

There are numerous bugs that have been plaguing Doomfist since his release, including one that allows players to jump over Rocket Punches. Any character can avoid his ability, despite the fact that some characters are much shorter and have less mobility than Doomfist, making  jumping in the air to avoid a punch completely ridiculous. 

1. Sombra

Sombra is currently the most buggy hero in Overwatch, dealing with game changing bugs like "phantom Translocate" where Sombra will not translocate to her Translocator, she will translocate on the spot, and sometimes when Sombra throws her Translocator, it doesn't go anywhere.

Luckily major changes are coming for Sombra soon, and hopefully things like this will be a thing of the past. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment