One Reddit fan has built on the popular theory that Overwatch's forthcoming 28th hero will be Hammond in a new post on the game's subreddit.

Since Blizzard ​tweeted a teaser for the next ​Overwatch hero, the predominant theory has been that Hammond, another monkey that lived on the Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston, ​would be the new hero.

Redditor Taylonic has added fuel to the Hammond fire with new observations and a unique spin on the theory. Taylonic noticed that matching monkey wrenches could be seen in Hammond's room on Horizon Lunar Colony and in the Junkertown spawn room, where a mech labeled "K-NG^2" stands.

The mech's label was thought to mean "KING", but with the squared symbol could just as easily mean "KING KONG." From these two facts, Taylonic theorizes that Hammond crash-landed in the Junkertown wasteland, where he became a mech pilot.

While this link is tenuous, there are more small details that add credibility to the theory. For one, the Blizzard teaser shows a very clear monkey and a half-obscured "scrapyard," calling the Junkertown arena to mind.

​From a gameplay perspective, a mech-piloting Hammond could easily be a tank hero, filling a request fans have had since Orisa released in March 2017. And, from a story perspective, a scrappy, junk-focused mech-pilot would be obviously distinct from the mild-mannered Winston, making Hammond unique.

Only time will tell if the newest Overwatch hero will turn out to be a monkey mech fighter.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment