5 Tips for Playing With and Against Reworked Symmetra in Overwatch

Keeping in mind the Overwatch Public Test Region made Symmetra's rework playable for three weeks, it might not be long before the new Symmetra joins live servers. When she's finally a part of live servers, here are five tips to keep in mind to play her effectively.

5. Great for Deathball Comps

The Symmetra rework helps provide the mobility needed for deathball comps. She can allow the team to access new areas, thanks to her Teleporter. She enables slow tanks like Reinhardt to easily escape areas if ambushed or if a fight turns sour.

Additionally, making sure Symmetra's Teleporter is available or properly deployed to provide a safe and quick escape route is more important than ever.

4. Destroying Teleporters is More Crucial Than Before

There are many new things that can teleport in Symmetra's new Teleporter -- including an exploding D.Va mech. Once players hear or see Symmetra's Teleporter deploy, it is imperative players destroy either the exit or the entrance before being flanked by a Reinhardt

3. No Longer a Huge Threat in Close Combat

Symmetra is not as invincible as she once was when playing against other heroes. Her beam no longer locks on, which prevents her from easily charging up her primary fire. Unless Symmetra's beam is already charged up, it acts similarly to Zarya's primary fire -- which isn't as devastating until it is near maximum charge. 

Players can now fight Symmetra head on without fearing for their lives. 

2. Deploy Turrets Generously

Since Sentry Turrets are no longer reserved for protecting the Teleporter, don't be afraid to use Symmetra's turrets when you can. They can be deployed to alert players when the enemy is using a flanking route, or be thrown to help stop a push. 

1. Works Best with Coordinated Team

Symmetra's new kit is great and fun, but she won't shine with an uncoordinated team. The new Symmetra works very well with coordination, as she can help flank and protect teams with her Teleporter and new ultimate, Photon Barrier. Players should always communicate with the rest of their teammates to get the best usage of Symmetra's abilities.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard