​A teaser for what Overwatch fans believe to be about Hero 28 might not be explicitly about the new hero, according to a new fan theory.

​Overwatch fans are under the impression Blizzard's teaser might be a way to give fans a look at what's to come, rather than who. 

The ​ominous teaser by Blizzard was accompanied with a caption that divulged no information other than a promise things would be heating up soon. Fans can see a number of posters on the wall, which ​represent a number of changes or additions to the game fans have asked for. Based off the video, there is no clear answer to Hero 28's identity. Rather, there are multiple directions Blizzard could go with the hero's identity -- but some fans believe the Junkertown Queen, seen in one of the posters, is actually next in line to join the game.

A theory ​from Reddit explains the probability the next hero is the Junkertown Queen, and ​not Hammond as many suspect. The Junkertown Queen's voicelines from Junkertown were removed in a recent patch. If a character becomes playable, it makes sense that their voice should not be heard in the game unless during fights or when certain commands are used -- it could become confusing for both the enemy team and the player's allies.

The teaser might be Blizzard's way of showing what the team is planning for Overwatch. Horizon Lunar Colony's ​rework was added to the Public Test Region and advertising the area is seen on the wall, as is a monkey. A Lúcio poster and soccerball are seen, which might hint at the promise of Lúcio lore later in the year. And anti-omnic graffiti and pro-omnic posters are also on the wall, which might suggest something will focus on the omnic rights movement in Overwatch.

The fan also reminded players that Hammond is Specimen 8. If Hammond does join the game, it might be as the eighth hero added to Overwatch, not the seventh.

Blizzard did not release a follow up teaser, but if the caption was any premonition, players should enjoy the calm before chaos and more theories ensue.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard