5 Overwatch Heroes That Will Pair Well With Wrecking Ball

The latest Overwatch hero, Wrecking Ball, was released to the PTR today and Overwatch players are scrambling to figure out the best team comp to compliment him. Here are some suggestions.

5. Zarya

Wrecking Ball has a fantastic area of effect ultimate called Mine Field that deploys a massive field of proximity mines. Zarya's Graviton Surge will be able to group all enemies into the middle of Wrecking Ball's Mine Field and they'll have plenty of difficulty getting out alive.

4. Orisa

Wrecking Ball will make a fantastic off-tank, with his mobility and shields he will be able to stalk enemies in the back lines and bring them out into the open where Orisa will be protected by her shield. Then the pair of tanks can easily shoot them down, Orisa pulling them into the forefront and Wrecking Ball using his Grappling Claw to keep them away from Orisa and damaging them at the same time.

3. Mercy

Wrecking Ball is another high mobility hero which is always complimentary to a friendly Mercy. Mercy will be able to lock onto Wrecking Ball to get places faster, and also take advantage of his Grappling Claw swinging to whip her around the map with ease.

2. Moira

Wrecking Ball will not only be able to encumber an entire team of enemies with his ultimate, Mine Field, but with his Piledriver ability he will launch enemies upwards, causing them a moment of suspended confusion. Both of these situations suit Moira perfectly, as she can send decaying Biotic Orbs into the Mine Field and use her Biotic Grasp while enemies are scrambling to re-align themselves after Piledriver.

1. Pharah

Pharah is a very powerful hero but she's at her most deadly when her targets are in plain sight. When enemies are hidden under structures it's dangerous for Pharah to fly down and flush them out, but with Wrecking Ball's shields and high mobility, he will be able to dive into underpasses and buildings to reveal hidden enemies within, flushing them out and exposing them to justice raining from above.

The best comp surrounding Wrecking Ball is still a mystery and we can only speculate at this point, but finding out how each hero compliments him is part of the fun of Overwatch itself.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment