​Overwatch Hero 28 was revealed to be Wrecking Ball, the alias for escaped Horizon Lunar Colony subject Hammond. A quick look at the hero's abilities show its impact in the meta will help alleviate the complaints players have about Brigitte.

​Wrecking Ball's kit allows the hero to get from one point to another in a multitude of ways. Wrecking Ball can use Roll to go wherever he wants, and use his Grappling Claw to gain momentum and fling himself into the air to cover even more distance. 

One of the best parts about Wrecking Ball's kit, however, is his ultimate. "Minefield flings mines onto the ground that deal a considerable amount of damage to enemies unfortunate enough to trigger them," the patch notes read. Although it cannot be used all the time, as ultimates take time to build up, Minefield can stop Brigitte from advancing in on a team -- even Tracers or Sombras, who ​now have indefinite Stealth on the ​Overwatch PTR.

Wrecking Ball's Grappling Claw can also knock back enemies, which might be used to get rid of a Brigitte trying to close in on allies. The high fire power from Wrecking Ball's Quad Cannons might be enough to destroy Brigitte's shield, and in turn, Brigitte herself.

​​At the end of season 10, Ana was starting to gain a higher pick rate across all tiers. Wrecking Ball's massive size and overall chaotic kit might pair well with Ana, and help bring her back to relevance in the meta, too. 

Although players will need to wait and see how he affects the meta when he joins live servers and eventually joins competitive play, there is no doubt Wrecking Ball is Blizzard's answer to a Brigitte counter.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard