5 Things to Remember When Playing Hammond

Hammond (or, Wrecking Ball) is a highly intelligent (and rather large) hamster. As such, there are some important things to remember when playing this super mobile tank hero. Here are the five most important things to remember when playing Hammond.

5. Hamsters Do Not Like Extreme Temperatures

Hamsters are very susceptible to extreme temperatures. Their habitats should never be left near heating or cooling vents, or in direct sunlight. Additionally, keep them away from fire damage and Endothermic Blasters that could potentially freeze your hamster and leave them vulnerable to an icicle to the face.

4. Hamsters Have an Excellent Sense of Smell, but Bad Eyesight

When playing a hamster tank, it's important to note that although they do have an exceptional sense of smell, that will not help you win any matches. Hamster eyesight is poor, and therefore you must be vigilant while defending a point or rescuing your teammates. Keep an eye out for flankers and keep your shield up as much as possible.

3. Hamsters Have Small, Hand-like Paws That Allow Them to Grip

Hamsters have adorable little hands that they can use to climb their cages, roll around in their hamster balls, and build complicated killing machines with. Like the mighty hamster, these machines can use an ability called Grappling Claw, which can attach to almost any surface. Grappling Claw will allow your hamster ball to swing around the point of contact and knock back enemies up to 10 meters.

2. Hamsters are Natural Explorers

Hamsters love to explore, and with the aid of a hamster ball, they can move much faster and remain safe inside. It also allows the hamster to gain a movement sped of 10 meters per second and deal 50 damage to their enemies at high speed. With such mobility and shields, hamsters can explore the backline and disrupt the dastardly intentions of their opponents. 

1. Hamsters are Naturally Nocturnal.

Hamsters and gamers aren't so different. Both parties love snacking, hiding, and storing food in their cheeks for later. Another thing they have in common is their love for staying up all night - while you'd call a gamer a night owl, hamsters are naturally nocturnal. 

Play your hamster tank late at night and align your gamer prowess with hamster - while both in your prime you're sure to knock your opponents out with your hamster ball and retreat to your bed of straw when the sun comes up.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment